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About Nv-ya

The buzzword at Nv-ya is passion. It's our passion for the art that brought us together and it's our passion for the craft that has led us to set up the Nv-ya line of jewelry.

Meaning rock in Cherokee, young or new in Sanskrit, Nv-ya tries to combine the solidity and longevity of a rock with the vibrancy of now.

Nv-ya jewelry is handcrafted in Zaveri Bazaar, the nerve centre of the jewelry business in Mumbai, India, by Bengali craftsmen, to whom the skill and craft have been handed through generations of family and tradition. The Nv-ya collection is, at the same time, contemporary, timeless and classic.

We aim to create affordable handmade jewelry in precious and semi-precious stones set in gold, silver and platinum. We use precious stones like diamond, ruby and sapphire and semi-precious stones like jade, onyx, aquamarine, amethyst and turquoise, which are sourced from around the World. Being so passionate about jewelry ourselves, it is our endeavor to create pieces that are just as unique as the person who wears them.